Sunday, March 25, 2012

The politics of Life

I try not to get too political in my blogs.  However, lately the issue of abortion has been on my mind a lot.  There has been lots of media coverage of women's health and the health care laws.  There are a couple of messages that I think have been missed.

First, the media and television glorifies sexual relationships.  They make whole shows surrounding the drama of the lives of people having sex.  There never seems to be any outrage from anyone, saying, "Uh hum, excuse me, these are teenagers or, hello, these people aren't married."  They glamorize this lifestyle, and make it seem as though it is normal everyday life.  I don't live in la-la land, and I realize that people are going to make mistakes.  I just wish that some where along the way, someone would be brave enough to stand up and say," You don't have to keep on repeating your mistakes.  Instead it is considered normal to just continue the race forward down a road filled with broken hearted consequences.  It just makes me sad that the teenagers of the world are almost made famous for their bad behavior.  It seems as though no one has step up to say, "it is ok to stop."  There seems to be no reassurance or encouragement that is not only ok to stop, but a good thing.  Instead they are offered school programs that encourage contraceptives and abortions.

I would encourage you to watch the following movie. This 30 minute documentary is about abortion and is incredibly powerful.  I hope that when you have time you will watch, and solidify your view on abortion.

Everyone is talking about the up coming election and it being a historical election.  I believe this to be true, but not for the same reasons that the media is talking about.  While I am not a one issue voter, I believe now more than ever that life is the key issue.  We can not vote for someone who is pro-choice.  The fact is that if they are pro-choice that means they are for murder.  It means that with the new health care law, they are for setting up a panel of people to make choices for your life.  These people will come together to decide if you are worth paying for or not.  If these same pro-abortion people are on the panel, would they not also consider that the very old are not worth saving either?  The same politicians who are spending more money than they are taking in are going to decide the age at which you may or may not be productive enough to save.  These matter-of-fact opinions that do not view a fetus as a life, will now be considering the life of someone in their 70's.  At 70 have you already seen your best days?  I for one, have decided this may be the single most important issue for our time.

We are rapidly approaching Easter.  A time when Christians celebrate the life and resurrection of Jesus.  What a beautiful miracle, and great love that was shown to us, by Jesus's sacrifice on the cross.  He gave his LIFE so that we may have LIFE everlasting.  It is my believe that LIFE and miracles are Jesus's expertise and when he gives them or takes them away, it is His decision.  I would rather leave it in God's hands and not some politician.

This is my mind set, now let me hear yours!

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