Thursday, May 10, 2012

From regular woman to mommy!

It was about 5 years ago when I went from young married woman to mommy.  I had no concept of just how much my life was going to change.

I would say the first thing that I had to get use to was the "poop" conversations.  I am the kinda girl who likes to keep my bathroom time private, and the thought of discussing poop on a regular basis was a real adjustment for me.  All mommy's know that when you have a baby, you are on poop patrol.  The doctor tells you how many times a baby should poop, and so as a new parent you wait and watch.  You call your spouse at work to say things like,"We have had our poops for the day!"  As my daughter has grown, the poop conversations still happen.  The potty training, "bye-bye poopie!"  Or "Mommy where does my poop come from?"  And "Mommy, where does my poop go when I flush the toilet?  In a million years, I never thought I would have to discuss poop as much as I do as a mother. 

Then there is the MOM bag.  The mom bag is the bag that comes after the diaper bag.  It is for the 3-5 possibly older kid.  While it looks like a regular purse it has been modified.  It has snacks, wipes, tissues, band aides, Neosporin, crayons, and Lysol spray or wipes.  At the bottom it also contains a thin layer of snack crumbs, used wipes, and tissues.  These items are essential for your every day on the go tasks.  It is also at this stage where you suddenly see the practicality that is a mini-van.  Let's face it, any car that you can open a door by the press of a button has value when your hands are full and you are being tugged on and "mommied" to death.

There is just something about being a mom.  I never thought I would be a mom, I wasn't sure I wanted to.  Now that I am, there are times I feel as though I have lost my mind.  I mean really, just read the previous paragraph.  (Said in a sarcastic tone)  The mini-van is cool, WHAT who am I becoming!  Before you know it I am going to want mom jeans like this:

While I think that this is funny, there is one thing that is no joke.  I love being a mother.  I love that I get to experience one of God's miracles everyday.  I am honored to watch my daughter grow, and hope that I honor God in how I raise her.  As we prepare for Mother's day, I hope that each of you mom's can laugh about the way life changes with kids.  As we celebrate mother's day, I hope we each stop and thank God for our mothers and grandmothers and the lives they changed for us!  Love to each of you moms and grandmas!

Lastly I will share this:

Now go and bust a cap on toothpaste! 
This is my mindset, now let me hear yours!

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  1. Great post! I never thought of you as a mother either, but you are pretty awesome at it. Great job sis and happy mother's day!