Monday, June 27, 2011

The WHY in "Why can't we all just get along!"

I don’t know about you, but when I watch the news I just want to scream!  I find that the amount of inaction disgusting!  Everyone seems to be witnessing the downfall of our country, and no one seems to be doing anything.  All you hear is name calling and campaigning.  I wonder, “Why can’t we all just get along?”

Reason #1
We can’t get along because of this great notion of diversity.  If you really think about it, some one came up with this fantastic idea, let’s celebrate our differences!  I am sure the intentions were good, but here is the real translation; let’s talk about everything we don’t have in common.  I don’t know about you, but how many friends do you have that have ABSOLUTELY NOTHING in common with you.  I think celebrating our diversity has back fired.  It has not only pointed out our differences, but it has created this mandate that we have to accept all differences.  This in turn has caused a greater division and resentment, not to mention a total lack of unity.  The creation of celebrating our diversity has left our patriotism in the toilet.  I am not saying that having differences are bad, I am saying that it has made it difficult to disagree peacefully on important issues, for fear of being labeled a racist or bigot.  It seems to me, that as our country was founded, it was by all different types of people, who had a COMMON goal.   This COMMON goal was not to change individual heritage, it was to create a new unified heritage in their citizenship of the United States.  They had a unified pride in country.  My conclusion, there are no results when we focus on our differences, but we can be successful when we focus on a COMMON GOAL.
Reason #2
Stereotypes are a HUGE reason why we can’t get along.  A perfect example is the Republican.  Just by typing that word, what automatically comes to mind?  A rich, white man, with great hair, lots of money, he listens to Rush Limbaugh, and has no desire to help anyone.  How about the Democrat?  Well, for me it is a loud mouth ACTIVIST, someone who will play dirty just to win the rights for a fish; a fish that will put farmers and farmworkers out of work.  As a society, the truth is we stereotype and label people.   It is a cold hard fact.  Right now we are witnessing the largest political division our country has seen since the civil war.  It is down right hatred between Republicans and Democrats.  The hatred in large part is due to the branding or stereotyping of each party.  The media spins each party in a particular direction with no regard to fact or reason.  We then are subject to fitting in a box where there is no gray area; you are either in or out.
Reason #3
Why can’t we all just get along?  We need a change of heart.   In our society, we have wonderful intentions, but no conviction.  Our conviction should come from Jesus, the true barometer of right and wrong.  Instead, we check in with all these false gods to see if we are on the right track.   It is perfectly acceptable to check our sensitivity and poll numbers with the Muslim culture, Hollywood, or the enemy but we never stop to ask Jesus, the King of Kings, if we are on track with Him.  The thing about getting along is, not everyone can be right.  That is why we need understanding that only comes from a meaningful change in heart.  In Church on Sunday the pastor was preaching from the Book of John.  He was discussing the examples Jesus gave Nicodemus about salvation.  His description was about being reborn.  It was interesting because, we know that it is impossible to be physically reborn.  However, it is very possible to be reborn spiritually.  To be reborn spiritually means to have a change of heart, to be changed from the inside out.  Incredible, that the Bible, also called the living word, was alive and describing the solution for our society today.  Imagine if everyone had a change of heart?  We would not be celebrating our differences, but we would be UNITED UNDER GOD, with a COMMON goal, to further His righteousness. 
I wonder if we had a change of heart and if we UNITED UNDER GOD, could we get along?  I believe that with God all things are possible.  The time to change hearts is now.  How will you reach out and change a heart this week?

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