Monday, September 26, 2011

The Big Things

I kind of like starting my blog as if we are in the middle of a conversation.  We have just spoken moments ago and you know exactly where I am coming from.  However, the truth is my blog has been  a slow conversation these days. Things just seem to come up and steal my time.   However, I am back in Bible study and so far my study as been enlightening.  It has me thinking about the BIG THINGS.

You see, I often think that God is not doing anything important in my life because there are NO big things happening.  I am waiting for my special calling.  In case you didn’t notice, I am what some people would call a “DRAMA QUEEN.”  Actually, my husband likes to say, I am like TNT, I know drama!  Well, for the most part he is right.  I often overreact and expect that the world should actually stand still when I stub my toe.  This is why I have an issue with the big stuff.   I keep thinking I am going to wake up one day and God is going to be like, “Hey Miranda, you are ready to be the next Anita Renfroe, or  here is this place where you can make a BIG difference in the lives of many.”  There are so many great examples of BIG stuff in the bible.  A whale swallowed Jonah.  David beat Goliath, the GIANT, and for that, matter won most every fight he fought.  Naturally I think that when I am called it is going to be something BIG, like sounding the horns at the walls of Jericho.

This week, during study, I read a profound revelation.  While reading about the anointing of God, and how it creates a super natural way to live, the author wrote this:

“While you have patience in your mothering, holiness in your singleness, gentleness in your response, contentment in your circumstances, and empowerment in the face of your challenges, you are experiencing the greatest miracle of all: God’s presence appearing in your life.”

This was a major AHA moment for me.  God’s work in my life is not at all about the big things, it is mostly about the little things.  It is how I react to life.  It is how I exhibit my Christianity.

Sooo, I went to Galveston on what I considered a last minute trip.  It was at that point that all God’s presence vanished from my life.  You see, my husband and I, while we love each other dearly, we do not travel well together.  We have two very different styles of travel.  I like to know where we are going, him not so much.  I like to plan, him not so much.  All travel with us starts with a few small arguments here and there, like did you pack this? Or don’t put my bag there!  Then it progresses into, I don’t want to go, you are being a pain!  It always turns out fine.  Once we are out of town the mood changes and the laughter starts.  We joke about how silly we acted, and how this is just part of some weird travel routine we have.  We agree that we should approach travel like Sunday morning church.  It would be better if we rode in separate cars!

Now that we are back from our whirlwind trip to Galveston, I have to question myself about the small things.  After all, the small things will drive a person insane.  The small things are the pieces that add together to make a great day or a bad day.  While I admit, I have never been detail oriented; I would say that the small things are where the real work is done.  I have to remember that sometimes God chooses the small moves to prepare us for the BIG THINGS, and there is blessing in preparation.  I will probably always have that drama queen in the back of my head, wondering what great cause God has for me.  However, I think now, I will cherish the small details of God’s presence more.  I will rest in His participation in the small things, knowing that my God is not only present in the big things, but also in the small. 

  So, I close this conversation with a verse, that really inspired me this week:

“In ALL THESE THINGS we overwhelmingly conquer, through Him who loved us.” Romans 8:37

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  1. WOW!!!! I am the same way when it comes to thinking that I am doing something for God. I think all the time that I need to let God do something extra special in me and I need to go and tell everyone that I see about Jesus. Then I go to Church and God thru Bro. David reminds me that I do just what I am suppost to be doing. Funny thing is that I still think I should have the house spotless, and then take care of all these little ones I have as well as teaching Awana and SS. God gently reminds me that I am exactly where He wants me to be. The problem is that I am hard headed and I go back to thinking that I need to do something extra awesome to make Him happy.
    You are awesome and I love that you put yourself out there to teach all of us something special. Have a great week.