Friday, September 7, 2012


I have to tell this story.  It is just too funny not to tell.  My sweet husband and I were invited to dinner with some friends of ours.  We had a lovely time.  We were one of three couples, all of us had kids and the kids played while the adults visited.  The next day, I ran into the friend who invited us over and she thanked me for coming and said the FUNNIEST thing to me.  Her comment has made me laugh so much, but also has me thinking.  She said, she loved having us over with the other couple, because the husband of the other couple is not saved.  She wanted us to be there to show how normal Christians really are.  ( Not verbatim)

Ok, so if you are me, this is what goes off in my head:  You invited us over, because we are your most flawed friends!  Begin enormous laugh here........still laughing..........oh my mercy..... still laughing!  While I obviously find this incredibly funny, I also think I am flattered by the idea that we were selected.  I can't help but ponder the ideas of those who are not Christian.

I think the stereotype that Christians are perfect has new humor to me.  As a Christian, I know something that non-Christians don't know.  That simply put is that I NEED A SAVIOR.  I need someone to redeem me, because on my own, I am a huge mess.

For example, left to my own devices, I would be a wild cusser.  That is right.  I would talk what my mom would call, " a wild blue streak."  I would be like a trucker.  Just ask my hubby about the time he left me at the church on our wedding day, I know a few bad words.  I would also probably dress like a fat woman at HEB in the summer.  I would let it all hang out.  I wouldn't care, because lets face it, it is HOT in Texas.  

As it is, as a Christian, I taught my 5 year old to say crap.  I have hurt peoples feelings.  I have been dishonest.  I have lied.  I have saught revenge.  I have torn the tag off the mattress of all sorts of things that God considers sin.  I am no poster child for good.  The only difference is that I can admit I am wrong, I can admit that I NEED a savior.

So I guess the real question is, are you flawed enough to be a Christian?  Do you have the flaws that require needing to surrender your life over to God?  I am happy to say that I AM FLAWED ENOUGH!  I have everything it takes to deserve Jesus.  What is that exactly?  Nothing.  I have absolutely nothing good to offer Jesus.  I am broken, and hopelessly flawed.  I admit it. I have a secret stash of chocolate in my underwear drawer!  Those M&M's are a symbol of my secret indulgence in all things that are not good for me.

The amazing thing about God, is that as HE loves me regardless of me.  He loves me despite my flaws.  His word says that He sent his Son for those just like me, the lost.  Before, I knew I needed a savior, I was lost.  I had no idea the directions to heaven, to happiness, to peace, and most importantly to love.  When I realized that I was FLAWED ENOUGH, He welcomed me in, and filled me with love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faith, gentleness, and self control.  (The fruit of the spirit Galation 5:22-23)  While they are not perfect in me, they are in HIM, and that is enough for me.

I hope that this little story encourages you to be flawed enough to step into the Christian family and find your place in HIS plan!

This is my mindset, now let me hear yours!


  1. Most flawed friends, I have torn the tag off the mattress...I would put LMAO, but since I'm a Christian, I'll put LMBO (laughing my butt off), haaa haaa haaa!!! I love it and great question, are you flawed enough to be a Christian, I know I am. Seriously, I've said crap while preaching!!! Love it!!! Keep on writing, you're good.

  2. LOL, I can't believe you said crap from the Pulpit! No that is some funny! Oh geez, really that is some funny! It has been a great story to tell!