Wednesday, August 3, 2011

The day I almost died from Yoga

As I have said before in my blog, I am not thin.  I am not active but I need to take better care of myself.  Here is the account of my effort to step out of my comfort zone, try new things, and take a step to better health.  I attended a Yoga class, and this is what happened. 

I have a sweet friend who had been asking me to go with her.  She is encouraging, a wonderful cheerleader and friend.  I say this with all the love in my heart and no intention of hurting feelings, but of course, she is thin.  Before I accepted the invitation, I asked if the class was beginner yoga or bend it like Beckam yoga; I was assured that it was yoga for all levels.  I accepted the invitation and this is what happened.

The room was dimly lit and soft music playing in the background.  Already, I was thinking, “Please, please don’t ask me to hug a tree or recycle something.”  A beautifully toned woman introduced herself to my friend and me.  She was the teacher, and asked if there was anything specific, we wanted to work on.  My answer went something like this; “I have never done this before, so I am going to go with the flow and if I can’t do it I won’t” She smiled and said ok.

The class began with some stretching.  At this point, I was acutely aware of my out of shape-ness.  I guess I could give many lines on shape here, because I have shape, but chubby was not doing me any favors in this class.  The first struggle was the chair position, with no chair.  By the way, when there is a chair, I am great in a chair, but with no actual chair, it only took a minute or two before my out of shape legs started to shake from my own weight.  Then the class continued with many positions that involved being on a mat in a push up pose.  It was at this time, that I realized just how much I weigh.  I mean seriously, I picked this class because I thought I could do some stretches, no big deal!  I had no idea yoga actually makes you use your fat against you.  As I am struggling to keep myself lifted, knees down, I am suddenly happy that one of the three men in class was next to me, only because, he was struggling too, and kept looking at his phone for the time wanting to end the madness.  I glance over at my friend and she was like a champ, lifting and moving, and I am pretty sure at that time, I whispered, I don't like you anymore! ( with a smile of course!)

Class proceeded and I made to the cool down stretch out.  I lay there on the mat praying, “Dear Jesus, please do not let me die tomorrow.  I do not want to regret this, please Lord Jesus, please.”  I was begging and pleading, because I was already wondering how I would get downstairs, my legs felt like mush.  Class finished and I told my dear friend I would let her know the next day if we were still friends.

I am happy to say we are still friends, but I learned a valuable lesson.  I hate yoga.  There is no reason to bend like that!  There is a reason your foot is not suppose to be in your face.  Yoga was not my cup of tea.  I did accept the invitation to the ab class.  I am happy to say, the day after, that ab class was way better than Yoga.  Who doesn’t like to feel like they have been throwing up all night?


  1. ROFL! I just had an ab workout and didn't even have to leave my chair. :)

  2. HAHAHA...Thanks for reading and sharing in my life! So glad to call you friend!

  3. I did a video yoga workout with my mom one time and we got more of a workout laughing at what they wanted us to do than actually doing it!