Tuesday, October 18, 2011

No Pinterest

I have received over the past two weeks invitations to the website: Pinterest.  Many of my friends have discussed how addicting it is, and how fun it is.  Today, I tried the website for the first time, and I believe it is the cause of a minor identity crisis.  This is when I suddenly realized, I am no ordinary woman.

You see the concept is simple.  Create a bulletin board.  Select various themes and then “pin” things to them that you want to try.  The boards can be about anything examples, cooking, arts and crafts, and sewing ideas.  Pintrest gives you a few default board titles, to help get you started.  The board that started this minor identity crisis was called “Things I love.”

Immediately I was screaming on the inside uh…ok….hmmmm…. what do I love?  Wait, oh my gosh, I don’t love anything!  Social Crisis!  I was acutely aware, that no one was going to care or want to “follow” a board on my love for chips and queso.  I confess, I missed the day in school when they taught girly! 

Confession 1:
I have never owned a hot glue gun.  I have seen it used once or twice by my mother-in-law, but I have never really done anything with hot glue. I have no “craft closet” in my house.  When I go to Hobby Lobby it is to buy something that is already made, or to fill a list for work or my daughter’s school.  I have never looked at ribbon and said I can make this into a beautiful bow.  Nor have I ever been on the scrapbook aisle and thought how fun it would be to cut and paste. 

Confession 2:
Sewing is not my thing.  What makes this statement so incredibly funny is that I work at an embroidery company!  However, I am not allowed to touch the machines.  I know just enough to make me dangerous should I ever get behind a regular sewing machine.  The only thing I have actually sewn is our Christmas stockings.  They are quite possibly are the saddest looking little stockings, but they are special.  My mother-in-law spent a whole afternoon showing me how to use the little sewing machine that I have never visited since.

Confession 3:
My cooking is simple, and my menu the same.  I cook the same things over and over.  I try new things, but nothing has ever made the long term cut.  I bake, but again it is chocolate chip cookies, or cake from a box.  You will not find me slaving in the kitchen over some exotic dish.  All good things can be bought pre-made! 

All of this is to say, that I have NO PINTEREST!  This website has given me a complex.  I actually spent time trying to think of hobby things I really like to do.  This is what I came up with:

I like to eat chips and queso.
I like to listen music.
I like blogging/writing.
I like funny.

I don’t know if these things can be “pinned” but there all I got and I am sticking with them.

For now, I end my blog with this conclusion, while I have no passion for any particular "womanly" hobby, I do love my family and my friends.  That love and their company must keep me content, and that is better than any silly hobby!

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  1. Love it. I can totally agree with you. I find myself wondering how I ever had the time to get any of the things I use to get done completed today. I am lucky if my house is cleaned up. I do have craft things in my house but never touch them. I am glad that there is others out there like me. You made me smile. Have a great rest of this week. Cindy