Sunday, January 1, 2012

New Year Resolutions, a year in review, and other nonsense

Here it is 2012.

Let me start with, I do not believe in New Years Resolutions.  I think it is ridiculous to say that I am going to start a diet that I have no intentions of keeping.  A New Year Resolution in my mind is like the first disappointment of the new year.  Why oh why would I want to start my year with a new year resolution/ disappointment?  I don't and will not!   I will say that I am more likely to set a goal.  My goal generally has ABSOLUTELY NOTHING TO DO WITH WEIGHT LOSS.  This is not to say that I am not in need of shedding a pound or ten, but frankly, I am not really ready to commit to that, so why try to fool myself.

The past two years, I have simply said, that I want to be in service to God some where that I have not previously served.  My first attempt at meeting this goal found me as an assistant teacher in the Kindergarten vacation Bible school class.  On my second day, a kid broke his arm!  That was a clear sign to me that Kinder vacation Bible school, NOT my calling.  The second year that I made this my goal, I did not attempt VBS.  Instead, I opted to participate in a Feed My Starving Children event.  It was awesome.  However, that was not much service, seeing how I showed up and did like two hours worth of work, bought a t shirt and went home.  My previous thought for service for 2011 was that I should mentor a young person.  Unfortunately, I allowed myself to be talked out of it.  I had gone so far as to make an appointment with the director of the program that mentors young girls just released from prison.  I canceled the appointment.  I thought to myself, " I won't have the time."  However, if I spent more considerate prayer time, God might have made time for HIS WILL.  I regret is not praying more about it, so that I was clear on HIS will and not my own.

While this year, I want to, again, be in service some where I have not served before.  I have no idea what that will be.  I love the idea of leading a ladies Bible study.  Of course, I can already think of great reasons not too.  The first reason that stops me is my own insecurity that I don't have enough Bible knowledge.  I also wonder where I would find time, and who would want to do a study with me.  When I say find time, it is not that I do not have time, it is more about the priorities for time in my life.  I have a four year old, and while setting a good example is important, I struggle with the extent of "extra curricular" things I should commit to outside of the home.  I want her and my husband to have me when they need me.  To use Proverbs 31, the chapter of the Bible that sends cringes of inadequacy down my spine, I need to be a good and noble wife for my husband and child.  The verses of seasons comes to mind, there is a season for everything, but what season am I in?  I am sure if I spend some time in prayer, my answers will come, be that in a clear resounding way, or in the silence that tends to accompany the very difficult waiting on God.  Either way, the scriptures say," For I know the plans I have for you....." I guess I will just wait and see what God has for me in 2012.

I am certain of the things that I would not like to repeat in 2012.  This list is an easy one to start.  We will start with the most recent.  I hope that we will not repeat my 4 year old telling her Sunday school teacher that she wants a BB gun to shoot cats for Christmas.  Thanks to her daddy for telling her she REALLY needed a BB gun from Santa.  (Obviously, he loves that movie, A Christmas Story.)  I do not want to repeat the pipe that broke in our home, because we are still fixing various related things. I do not want to repeat the ticket I got on the way to church, however, this requires slowing down.  If I am honest, I may repeat this one!  I don't want to repeat another bad Aggie football season.  When you lead the whole game and loose in the fourth quarter, well, it just plain hurts!  Most importantly, I DO NOT want to repeat an Obama Presidency! :)

Happy New Years Friends!  May the God of peace fill your hearts and may His love fill your homes!

This is my mindset, now tell me yours!


  1. Great post, Miranda. I think for several weeks leading up to a new year about resolutions...always make WAY TOO MANY and keep none...or rarely keep them. I have kept a few this past year (aka Seasons) but I am going to be more thoughtful with my resolutions this year and limit it to maybe 3 or so. Thanks for your post! It was a great reminder to always add service to our "resolutions."

  2. Thanks Elizabeth! I sure miss having you around!

  3. Loved reading your post Miranda. I can say that my goal for this year is that we would NOT have anything major happen. Last year we started in January needing a new car for Kevin, 3 days after purchasing the car, the water heater and softener needed to be replaced. Then in November my car died and then the dryer so...2 more major purchases...In the middle of all this Kevin finished his masters so we had to pay tuition foe a few semesters...oh well good bye 2011!!!