Sunday, January 22, 2012

Spiritual Giants

I started a new Bible study this passed week.  It is called Faithful, Abundant, and True.  It is part of the Deeper Still serious lead by Kay Arthur, Beth Moore, and Priscilla Shirer.  The first two weeks are about Faithfulness, followed by two weeks of Abundance, and then two weeks of True.  I began my "digging deeper still" into the Faithfulness section.  I also read Chapter 4 of Deuteronomy for my Sunday school class.  This all lead to a reoccurring theme for my week.  This is what I heard:

Deuteronomy Chapter 4 told me and repeated several times through out the chapter. 
  • DO NOT forget the Covenant that God made with you.  
  • Obey God and all will go well with you.
Hebrews Chapter 2:1
             "For this reason we must pay much closer attention to what we have heard, so that we do not drift away from it."

In my head, I am thinking ok, God has repeated these things many times, it must be REALLY important.  How am I doing on these fronts?  I think I am good, until we get to the OBEY part of just about anything.  Obediance is one of many things that is not my strong suit.  I don't want to be like the rest of the sheep.  Why can't I be purple instead of white?  I prefer things my way.  The thing about my way, when it is demanded, it is seldom ever right.  My intentions are usually honorable, but then there is always a better alternative.  A good example is when my husband THINKS his alternative is right.  I then dig in my heals and say, "Oh yeah!"  The result always ends up the same, a little give and take, and the matter gets resolved.  It is the initial, "Oh yeah," that always gets me in trouble!

As far as faithfulness, I have always considered myself to be faithful.  However, recently I have seen faithfulness that is beyond my level of comprehension.  I have previously mentioned the White family in my blog.  This week, their 13 year daughter Krysta passed away and is now in heaven walking with Jesus.  They have continued to be a wonderful example of their faithfulness in the midst of their loss.  They had a celebration for Krysta, where by request, no one wore black.  The family sat up front, tears in their eyes and heartbroken, but at the same time peaceful.  I know that there are many hard days ahead of them, but I believe their obediance and faithfullness will continue to be a blessing. 

I thought that this type of faithfulness could only be found in a spiritual giant, like Abraham, Paul, or John.  However, this week, I recognized that there are spiritual giants living among us.  I know another family who lost a child, and they continue to have health issues within their family, yet to see them you would never know.  They have smiles on their faces, and love in their hearts. I have two friends raising special needs children and yet again, smiles and love all around.  Faith like this is only found in those who are seeking the word of God, and trusting in His promises.  It makes me reflect on my own worries, prayer requests, and complaints.  Are my requests silly or insignificant?  As a matter of fact while discussing this with one of the friends mentioned above she said, "God wants to hear all our requests big and small."   I took that with me and I thought what a beautiful heart, modeled after God's word.  God is indeed Mighty and fully capable to handle all requests!

I think I am always looking for something big to happen, like a burning bush or a vivid dream.  The truth is God's movements aren't always big.  They can be a tug at your heart, a gut feeling to move, but they also can be the example you set when you are just living everyday life.  You could be someone's spiritual giant, because God is using you for that specific situation.  My take away from my verses and the examples shown to me this week, is this: Remember God's promises, Obey His word, and live it out faithfully because you never know when you are going to be used by God.

This is my mindset, now let me hear yours!

On a side note, I am still on birthday count down.  It is now almost a week away.   I am excited!!!!!

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